Promoting and supporting Africa's youth to achieve their goals in life.

People Initiative Foundation has dedicated its efforts to creating programs that promote cultural diversity while nurturing and mentoring the vision, talents and ideas of young people who are positively changing Africa.

Brief Description Of The People Initiative Foundation

On 19th March 2013, Emmanuel Leslie Addae and Daniel Antwi started organising events and programs that focused on inspiring and promoting ideas worth spreading. The first event organized by these two young energetic and brilliant young people was the TEDxLabone. This event was for only 100 audiences with over 20 volunteers and was ranked by TED Global as one of the best TEDx events in 2013 as result of the curation of the speakers and the artistic nature of the event. The event was then upgraded to TEDxAccra with over 1000 audience. Ever since, Emmanuel Leslie Addae and Daniel Antwi has organised over 60 standard and salon TEDx events and other impactful events for British Council, British High Commission, Netherlands Ghana Embassy, Association of Africa Universities, Reach for Change Africa, Social Enterprise Ghana, VSO Ghana, Chamber of Telecommunications and others.

Following the growth of the team and their events, Emmanuel Leslie Addae with his long time partner, Daniel Antwi founded an organization called People Initiative Foundation which became the umbrella organisation hosting multiple events with over 60 volunteers and 20 staff. The goal of People Initiative Foundation is to promote and support young people in Africa to achieve their goals in life. The organisation was established to dedicate its efforts to creating programs that will promote cultural diversity while nurturing and mentoring the vision, talents and ideas of young people who are positively changing Africa.

The goal of the organisation is to promote and support young people in Africa to achieve their goals in life. We believe in today’s young people. We believe in their power, vision and drive to make an impact. We believe it because time and time again, we’ve seen it with our own eyes. We’ve lived it. We’ve been part of it.

It's why we get out of bed in the morning. It’s why we don’t call what we do "work".

Range of Activities

Youth Empowerment Programs: Our flagship youth initiative is the Africa Internship Academy, which is Africa’s first youth employment accelerator program that trains students and graduates to gain entrepreneurial and employable skills for the job market. The program helps candidates launch their careers by giving them intensive employable skills and also partnering with businesses/institutions to develop or enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies. The main mission is to reduce the rate of unemployment on the continent by grooming young talent to be change agents who would transform their society. African Internship Academy values a holistic program model that fosters students’ long-term learning & development. We emphasize on a global understanding for all our interns in order to further cross-cultural communication and professional development. By recruiting candidates across Africa, with the intent to cultivate a talent pool of people from diverse cultural backgrounds we aim to create a network of organizations and partners to enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies. Africa Internship Academy contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for Africa which was set on September 25th 2015, to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all, End poverty in all its forms everywhere, ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies. Africa’s youth are the future, Africa Internship Academy believes it is essential to invest in them for the good of society and for the benefit of the continent in order to groom Africa’s next generational change agents to affect their society and the continent as a whole. Out of the 13 million youths that enter the labour market each year, only 3 million get jobs. Just about 33% of the youth are in wage employment, while the rest are underemployed or in vulnerable employment. In 12 months, over 400 young people have trained, assigned mentors to them and connected to employers looking for entry-level talents. They’re changing history and creating our future. And they are unstoppable.

Social Impact Events & Projects: Our flagship Social Impact initiative is AFRICA DIALOGUES which is an African thought-leadership platform that focuses on broad-ranging discussions on children, youth unemployment, governance and human rights, education, infrastructure, public health, gender and income inequality, Africa's economies and urban development towards helping our continent attain the SDGs 2030 and AGENDA 2063. The platform brings together children, youth, policy makers, innovative business leaders, accomplished academics, leaders of civil society organizations and other distinguished individuals to foster productive dialogue in the format of a (TED Talk Style) about THE AFRICA WE WANT. Over the years, the team has organised events such as TEDxLabone, TEDxAccra, Africa Initiatives Summit and TEDxAccraWomen. These events are one of the most prestigious TEDx events with a global online community presence. Videos of all our TEDx talks have over a 1M views online. We livestream our events in over 150 countries and our last conference was the sixth top trending hashtag on twitter worldwide. Our primary target group are the youthful people living Ghana, ranging from the age of 18 to 45. Through our uniqueness approach to events and projects, we have worked on a number of social impacts, media and advocacy projects for British Council, Netherlands Ghana Embassy, SE Ghana, and Reach for Change, VSO Ghana, YALI West Africa Regional Centre, British High Commission etc relating to Education, Youth Unemployment, Technology, Communication, Creative Arts, Social Enterprises, Women in business and others.

Our Initiatives

Africa Internship Academy
Africa Dialogues

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